Teachers Day Special…. love and respect… !


I know i shall fall short of words and out of words too,

I am too small like a tiny ocean drop,

to appreciate, speak about these noble souls !

They being most respected phenomenal beings, who,

are an eternal blessing and almighty themselves .

Supreme in love, reflected in their guidance,

mentoring us, vision envisaged,

towards showing us the right path.

Selfless is their existence,

Their transfer of confidence and knowledge is inspirational


so this gratitude wrapped in the word “Thanks”

to all the wonderful teachers, whom we owe a lot .









Magnificent You ….

True friendships never have an end…… !

Friends being the beautiful gift in life,

Then, for me that gift was you ….!
The line ” distance doesn’t matter, also holds true,
 having a person like you !!
This makes the simple, Magnificent  YOU!!
You imbibe in you along with a charming smile, an awesome persona
it gets showed to few, and, 
resembles joy of discovering, 
a pearl in an oyster or a refreshing morning dew.
And so yes this is simply the magnificent YOU!!
A friend unconditional, true, 
is what you are  
Ignorance of this fact,
is a casual thing you shall do,
And yes this is simply the magnificent YOU!!! 
Never together but never feeling apart 
is what one can feel with you 
No show to show,
nothing to hide,
your simplicity is your brand
and yes this is the simply, magnificent YOU !!