For Love is “Being We” …

When my days were high, i saw you
I found you & you reached me.
When my days were high, i saw you
My success with me and you with me,
When my days were high, I saw you
even in the dim of light,you with me as a spark in my life
Yes i believed, you are everything for what you are,
Accepting you for the good and with the love for your flaws!!!
When my days were low and down, i searched for you
I found you but with a move away, you disappeared,
When my days were low, my beliefs were shaken
where i was alone with my failure with me and no you,,
Was it your success that kept you away or
whether it was some fear of insult, reason could be any,
I was low and away were you..!!
For, both of us love
But the expressions so different.
So can this, not so trivial
be allowed to decide for the fate of our togetherness.
Or i surrender to my heart, to just let you know
what love is,
As i console to my heart may be you did not mean to,
And then i stop, to be the reflection of love.
By being your shadow,
for you to make no search.
Finding me near you,
And then there would be always US …
With no me and You!!!