Reflection .. :)


Reflection 🙂

It was not known to you or me
What we are and what we might be
That the pace of time will bring us to encounter
Did i dream or you dream?
For it was a sweet mistake
to have found you
But there was a deep truth for revelation
I will not say, it didn’t bring tears to my eyes
But the very next moment was a much moment of joy.
The instance for celebration was your veracity
Intercession was my unseen gift
for all your sanity, 
For my eyes sparkled at your convictions
Which made more you.
Unknowing the unlikely conjure ahead
Setting the spirits morbid. 
Say it the play of not to be called sway minds
or life’s portray  
Should not dishearten you my friend.
For you hold the treasure of love which never dies 
You hold in your heart to rise
Make your benevolence your strength 
For you will find reasons to smile, reasons to smile…
Set for a journey several miles !